Hyperspace is at the service
of those who want to conquer
unexplored sectors

Hyperspace is not
science fiction

Hyperspace is technology
without limits and constraints

Hyperspace is the IoT brand
of Micro Systems.

Established as an evolution of an innovative path, aimed at offering a complete proposal for IoT. We provide an Internet of Things solution that enables entrepreneurs to create new business opportunities related to services.

We stand by companies that want to broaden their horizons.


the future is now.

The IoT introduces new supply scenarios based on services: defining them and recognizing their importance is a decisive strategic advantage. Companies need to structure internal resources to adapt to the new models introduced by these technologies.


The IoT allows the entrepreneur to generate value propositions, increasing profit margins.

Connected products expand segmentation opportunities, making customized proposals possible.

Servitization also means greater efficiency in the design of new products.

If you want to start the journey in hyperspace, or even just request information:
big data

knowledge is evolution.

Technology at the service of companies is a determining factor in a constantly evolving scenario. We collaborate with the company iNSTANTECHNOLOGIES, leader in the field of artificial intelligence, to interpret Small and Big Data and develop new business solutions.


Analysis of the data for creating advantage when developing the subsequent machine models.

Interpret Big Data to improve performance and offer predictive technical assistance.

Interact with the Virtual Assistants to increase and enhance access to all necessary information.

If you already have an idea that you want to share with us:
IoT connectivity

the principle behind it all.

Hyperspace supplies and develops all the components to implement IoT connectivity: standard or custom IoT boards, cloud servers as well as web portals and apps. Being connected allows you to collect the data necessary to develop your business based on the services you would like to offer.


Different ways to connect, a single supplier to always guarantee the best solution.

The server where the data flows together and gets stored ensures high performance and maximum security.

The web portal, created according to your specific requirements, gives you a control system designed for your every need.

You are now ready to start a project with us: